Downhearted at Christmas

15-12-2011 10:12 AM

Youssef Sidhom

In a rather uncommon coincidence, last week heralded in both the Hijri and the AD new years. And with Coptic Christmas coming next Wednesday, the season should have been a joyful one. Yet the good cheer is lost to the news of the fighting in Gaza, the innocent lives lost, and the ominous threats by officials.
It fills the soul with sorrow and grief to contemplate what men are doing to themselves and to their fellowmen. What happened to religions, whose foremost role is to reform man and make him happy? The Palestinian Israeli scene is a hateful, depressive one. It leaves no place for any Christmas joy or New Year hope. Where is the peace and love which Jesus the Lord came to spread in this world? And where is the salvation he offered so freely to mankind?
All these beautiful teachings and sublime concepts have been lost to the ongoing battle next door. So what can one say as Christmas is celebrated, whether here or in Jerusalem? I am lost for words. One can only plead to God that His love and mercy would forego our sins and bestow upon us the sense to see the way to true happiness and salvation.

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