Egypt: Happy Resurrection; happy deliverance

20-04-2014 01:02 PM

Youssef Sidhom

As Egypt and her Church celebrate the glorious Resurrection of Christ today, I strongly sense joy,

 hope and optimism in the eyes and hearts of Egyptians. This joy had gone missing for the last three years during which the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) held sway over the land. True, Copts never failed to greet their Christmases and Easters with celebration despite the bitter aftermath of the 25 January Arab Spring Revolution in 2011, placing their faith in the good Lord. But their good wishes always ended with the murmur: “Whatever happened to Egypt? Where are we heading to?” Today, however, the joy of the glorious Resurrection blends with their delight at the deliverance of Egypt from the hands of the Islamists who proved beyond doubt that Egypt mattered not a whit to them. Optimism and hope are now restored; Egyptians look forward to proceeding on the path of the political reform which took off last July once the MB were overthrown by wide public will and military support.
No matter how hefty the bill Egyptians are paying for ridding themselves of the MB; the chaos, violence and terrorism they have to sustain day in day out, and despite the cruel price Copts in specific incur in the brutal burning of their churches and homes, Egyptians are unrepentant. They sense the difference between the deception and despair that engulfed their souls prior to the overthrow of the MB last July and the relief at their emergence out of the bleak Islamist tunnel following that date.
We thus have all the right to rejoice this Easter, and to appreciate the true cohesion that now unites Egyptians—Muslims and Christians—and fuses them into the homeland, Egypt.
My sincerest Easter wishes go to the Coptic congregation and to the faithful pastor His Holiness Pope Tawadros II, as well as all the Coptic Orthodox clergy. I also offer my heartiest wishes to all the bishops, clergy, and congregations of all the Churches in Egypt, praying the Lord to bless Egypt and its Church, and to bestow love and peace on its people.
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