Reliving the glorious Resurrection

16-04-2017 09:09 AM

Youssef Sidhom

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of the crucified Jesus, the Saviour who attained the reconciliation of humankind with God, saved the children of Adam from eternal death and took them back into the arms of the Heavenly Father.

How majestic and intense it is for humankind to be conciliated with God, and for the relation between them to move from master and slave to father and child. It is no longer fear of God’s anger and retribution that drives mankind, rather a bond of partnership with the Father fulfilled through His will for conciliation. This can only materialise through conciliation with oneself and others, the true embodiment of the most treasured and significant of commandments, that of love.

On this occasion, I share the deep meaning of the Resurrection with Egypt’s Copts, and with Pope Tawadros II who assiduously offers testimonies of love, wisdom and patriotism. I also send my kind thoughts to all the bishops, archbishops and members of the clergy of the Coptic Orthodox Church, who share the same spirit of love; also to our brothers and beloved heads of the Catholic and Evangelical Churches in Egypt. I pray for our Heavenly Father to bless our nation and our fellow Muslims, and to lead us through the way to the reform, development and progress of our Egypt.


Watani International

16 April 2017



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