Watani embarks on editorial endeavour

13-01-2019 09:30 AM

Youssef Sidhom

Youssef Sidhom

Today Watani appears in her ‘new look’ with a new editorial design, the elements of which I presented two weeks ago. I believe the highlights of the new design are the pages featuring “Opinion” and “From the Nation’s Records”, both of which are making a comeback. I am confident that both pages will contribute to enriching the editorial content Watani offers her readers and, more significantly, carry on with our paper’s enlightenment mission.
In this issue, the Opinion page presents opinion pieces written by an exceptional selection of writers and intellectuals especially for Watani. Inaugurating the page after its comeback is none other than the great philosopher and intellectual Professor Dr Murad Wahba who this week reminisces on the foundation and early years of Watani. Furthermore, part of the page will be dedicated to writings by Watani’s founder Antoun Sidhom (1915 – 1995), which for two decades from 1975 till 1995 graced the paper’s front page, and which are today as fresh and timely as though written now.
The page “From the Nation’s Records” resumes offering readers rich historical, documented information that holds numerous connotations and references we need in our lives today as we strive to implement reform and development and at the same time adhere to scholarship, enlightenment and modernity. This week, on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Cairo University, Egypt’s first national university, “From the Nation’s Records” presents a story that features the foundation of Cairo University and the challenges that faced that national mission, as well as the persons who contributed to and fought for that great edifice to see light. I was personally highly moved and impressed to read the history of the foundation of the Cairo University, the hardships involved, and the struggle undertaken by many for the dream of an Egyptian national university to come true. It is a message to all of us today to glance at one of our national gems which some, unaware of its immeasurably great value, may see as a mere outdated legacy.
I invite you to a thrilling read through the new editorial sections of this issue, in addition to the standard pages of Watani that remain active and fresh all year long.

Watani International
13 January 2019

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