“I can tell you about the future”

06-06-2014 05:48 PM

By Marihan Saeed..Faculty of Mass Communications, Cairo University

During a moment of boredom, I switch on the TV. Your Luck Today popped up as I browsed the channels.

It amazed me that the viewers harboured a passion towards this kind of programme; there was a huge interest to discover what the future holds, in detail. I wondered: what sort of nation are we? Do we have a collective, chronic sense of fear of the future?  
Under normal conditions I would have thought that we Egyptians, so famous for piousness and faith in God, have lost that faith. But I realise that the oppressive political unrest Egyptians have lived under since the Arab Spring revolution in 2011 has left people feeling insecure and given rise to a number of social ills. 
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On the TV programme, a caller tells the astrologer her birth date and him what her ‘luck’ has in store for her. That’s when the excitement begins. He appears to think deeply, then her: “ I feel you are facing a problem these days. You’re going to face a financial crisis this year.” He advises her to take care of her health. I can’t help thinking where’s that ‘lucky’ person who faces no problems? And, who’s that exceptional one who’s not going through a financial crisis in Egypt these days? As for the last piece of advice, it simply reminds me of my mother’s advice day in day out.
I’m not against astrology but I##m kind of cautious about some of its uses. Let’s face it, just how many times has mass media quoted “predictions” of astrologers went wrong or never materialised. Those people eager to know about the future are perhaps trying to comfort themselves and gain reassurance, but what if the knowledge they gain shocks them and gives rise to fears instead of comfort? 
Dear reader, I believe that if you want to discover your tomorrow, just look closely at what you are doing today. What you sow today is that what you will reap tomorrow; work hard today and you’ll be set to change the future. No one else can do it for you, keep your and trust in God.
Watani International
6 June 2014
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