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15-12-2011 10:12 AM

Victor Salama

WATANI International
6 September 2009



I wish to express my appreciation to the Assiut governor and those who are responsible for traffic for their prompt response for my call through Watani Mail to attempt to put an end to road accidents on the Assiut-Cairo highway. Thanks to the governor who ordered the construction of speed bumps—sleeping policemen. I also wish to draw the attention to another hazardous spot—Ibrahimiya Well, where a great pit exists on the road with not even a sign to alert to danger lying in wait. Hundreds of souls are injured or lose their lives at this spot.
Ezzat Aziz, Assiut 

Reading for all
The Reading for All festival is a mega project sponsored by Mrs Suzanne Mubarak and organised every summer. It prints and sells heavily-discounted books for children and the entire family, and is accompanied by various cultural activities. A number of signs are hung on the walls and gates of schools welcoming all members of the family to join the summer activities for a token fee. Yet it is sad to see that the schools used as venues for these activities lack visitors, while the streets are crowded with children and youngsters loafing around or playing football. The situation requires prompt, well-planned publicity to attract them away from the streets and achieve the project’s goal of promoting reading for all.
Lutfy al-Nemeiri, Cairo 

Ideal business
On the advice of friends, I decided to spend a vacation at the tourist village of al-Gouna, Hurghada, on the Red Sea. I really enjoyed the beauty and serenity of the site; I thought it even more beautiful than some of the world most famous tourist destinations. But what really caught my attention were the warm terms in which the workers and employees there spoke of the Egyptian businessman Samih Sawiris, who founded the project and is its principle owner. “I work here as if I work at my home,” an accountant told me. I heard the same words from a sailor, who added that on every national or religious feast Mr Sawiris paid bonuses to his staff, which made them work even harder to make the project a success. If anything, it made me feel that Sawiris was an ideal businessman running an ideal business in the sense that ensuring the satisfaction of his staff made sound business practice.
Medhat Farid, Cairo  

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