Whispers of the Vitruvian Man

11-04-2014 02:25 PM

By: Sandra Sami

Judgments… Decisions… Choices…
We have grown in a world that makes us somehow choose between science and God… In a way, people see theories and scientific assumptions going in opposite directions… Well, they are!
Now, the opinions we have are either:
1) God has made everything… So do not question it!
2) Do question it because it’s all in your head… You have a brilliant mind!

I remember an idea that I read about in “Sophie’s World” … It stroke me… Jostein Gaarder was discussing how something evolves into something, giving it life, and if we go in the opposite direction, we will end up with the assumption that “Something must have come from nothing”… Well! 
As an architect, I’ll talk about a group of theories and ideas that relate to geometry and proportions and from what I saw, it spreads to many other branches of science right directly. 
It is the magic word that encompasses the eternal search of philosophers, mathematicians, architects, and artists, from Phidias (490-430 BC) until Roger Penrose (1931), going through Plato, Euclid, Vitruvius, Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Maestlin, and Le Corbusier. 
The studies, the sketches, the numbers that these people came up with makes your mind boggle, and makes you feel as if the Vitruvian man is whispering the secret of your being… It’s scary how this man of ink suddenly sounds like a God… Like he’s haunting you, like he’s your ghost; he has the secret of your existence in a sense… 
So basically, an analysis of these lines reveals the biological, and physical biography and anatomy. And then we realize that this biography is the story of the whole universe in a way: your proportions are found to make the pattern of everything that is labeled in this world: landscape, animals, DNA! And to go further, this biography, this golden ratio becomes the essence of every functional design by man… I am the essence of everything… My design is the basic theory to perfect design of everything else… Sublime!!! Just Sublime! That dangerous sense of power, that power that you acquire from the second your heart starts beating… 
*** Short Break*** 
Remember in Friends, when Rachel was telling Phoebe what her dad used to do on her birthday? He used to hide one present in every room and draw a map for her to find them all… Imagine Phoebe’s reaction! Haha… it really is funny… 
*** Break’s over*** 
Where was I? Oh, right! Man is the essence of all things… It’s all based on me… I’m the center of the universe (well, I didn’t exactly say this before, but the universe is a very dynamic… mmm… organism… I am a very dynamic organism), and I’d like to add one more thing… “If God exists, that He created the universe, and that He is perfect, than why is the universe imperfect?” 
Now, let’s see the religious side of it (I’m sorry for the very frustrating words I said, in case you believe in God… But hey, I believe in God too, I was just being impartial, so no hard feelings, ok?) 
So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.” Gen 1:27-28 
Keywords: His own image, Rule. 
Man is God’s most brilliant creation, that is why He put him in charge, and He trusted him with all of his creation (including outer-space… Man’s arm is very long!) 
Jostein Gaarder has a point, something did come from nothing, that nothing was brought to life with a breath from God, with a Glorious spark of energy from God… He created all of this (says the Bible). He is the inventor of all of these phenomena that we are explaining right now… The Golden Ratio? He did it. It’s beautiful, it’s everywhere, and it was and still is used in the most beautiful, and efficient of designs… 
You are in charge… You have the brain to figure all of this out. You have the talent to complete what he has started for you, and take pride and credit for it (Ref: Fr. Henri Boulad)… You have the senses to fill with beauty and knowledge (which are inseparable according to Leonardo Da Vinci)… You have the material to make the tools and turn this whole world upside down… Dude! You have what it takes to rock this world… 
God does with us like what Rachel’s father used to do with her… He implanted theories, opportunities for infinite theories and observations in this vast world for us to challenge ourselves with, to find, and to use and utilize creatively… He wants us to be proud… God is BIG! He doesn’t want us to feel guilty or small… He wants you to feel big… You’re his partner for Christ’s sake! He made you CREATIVE, and He is the creator… God is BIG, much Bigger than the whole universe…. Now that’s Sublime! 
And the way I imagine, Monsieur le Vitruvian Man… If that perfectly crafted man of ink whispered something in my ear, he would say: “He is here! I am a proof… And you are a living proof”
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