Australian Copt journalist congratulates Morrison on win, warns against illegal immigration

19-05-2019 08:26 PM

Following the victory of Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his victory in the Australian Federal election which took place on Saturday 18 May 2019, the journalist Ashraf Helmy who lives in Australia told Watani he congratulates Mr Morrison for his win.

Mr Morrison was able to keep the coalition in power and continue to lead Australia for a further three-year period.

Mr Helmy agrees with Mr Morrison that his victory was a miracle. Mr Morrison said: “I believe in miracles”. The outcome of the election was completely opposite to all views that Labour would win the election.

Mr Helmy told Watani that he is warning Australians and leaders of political parties in Australia, particularly the liberals and labour, from “falling into the same circumstances as the Europeans have” as a result of illegal migration and the impact of those who came to Australia from the Middle East and Asia on political and religious grounds during the 80s: “Those who take advantage of countries like Australia,” Mr Helmy said, “to impose their own religious and political belief system on Australia and its legal system, to change the culture of Australia and take advantage of its democratic systems and laws.”

Mr Helmy also said he congratulates Mr Peter Khalil in Melbourne and Mrs Ann Ali in Western Australia representing the Labour Party, who have kept their seats within the Australian parliament for the second time.

Watani International

19 May 2019

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