Egypt and UK sign Memorandum of Understanding in healthcare

27-01-2019 11:15 PM

Madeleine Nader


CatWith the aim of enhancing cooperation in the healthcare sector between Egypt and the United Kingdom, the UK Ambassador to Egypt, Geoffrey Adams has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) last weekend with Ahmed Hussein al-Sobky, assistant to Egypt’s Health Minister Hala Zayed. Dr Zayed attended the ceremony.

The MOU aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills between the two countries, and to afford training in the medical field in Egypt. It would also encourage joint work between representatives from both countries for investment in human resources.

Dr Zayed said that under the MOU signed, the first group of 25 Egyptian doctors would head to the UK to receive training as “family doctors” under the UK’s National Health System. They already left on 25 January, and would obtain training over eight weeks, partly in the UK and partly in Egypt. The training programme targets 100 Egyptian doctors who will be working on the comprehensive national health insurance project, she said. The doctors have been chosen from the governorates in which the project will first be implemented, and will especially be trained on the system of referring patients to specialists. The State bears the full cost of the training.

“Healthcare service is among other priorities to all nations, especially to a growing one like Egypt,” Mr Adams noted after signing the agreement.

“We are keen to share our experience with our Egyptian partners to upgrade and modernise services to Egyptians,” he added.

Watani International

27 January 2019

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