P.E. teacher: women sportswear un-Islamic

20-10-2016 05:57 PM

Girgis Wahib

Students at  Beni Sweif University’s Faculty of Physical Education have complained that a one of their female teachers, M.S has, during her classes, warned them against sportswear,  claiming it was in-Islamic. They said she departed from the main topic with which the. class was concerned to insist that Muslim women should khimar—a Muslim dress that covers the hair and the whole body—or niqab —full-face veil—stressing that sportswear is against Islamic teachings and that they must stick to Islamic dress. A number of students objected to what she said.
President of Beni Sweif University, Amin Lutfy, referred the complaint to legal affairs for investigation. If proved correct, the teacher would face disciplinary action. Dr Lutfy stressed that the teacher’s behaviour was unacceptable, and that no one had the right to impose any dress code on students.
Watani International
20 October 2016

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