Salafi leader calls for Islamic economy

12-01-2013 09:47 PM

Ra##fat Edward

In a conference held in Suez last Friday, the prominent Salafi leader Sheikh Yasser Burhami criticised the current economic and banking system, under the pretext that it is based on usury.

He said that, according to Islamic principles, profit must be the result of work done, whether that be trade, agriculture or industrial, so that the profit would not constitute usury. He called for an Islamic economic system that would recycle growth into social, economic and trade benefits.
Burhami insisted that change in Egypt should not stop at the mere political change of a president, but should extend to cover all societal systems so that they would comply with the Islamic sharia. He warned against “the grave dangers” youth face if they are not religiously well-informed.
Watani International
12 January 2013
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