Azhari schoolgirls in Qena visit Coptic Church

30-10-2018 12:59 AM

Mina Mehanny

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese in Qena, some 580km south of Cairo, recently opened its doors for a visit by a group of schoolgirls at the local Azhari school. Al-Azhar is the world’s top most authority on Sunni Islam; it has a university based in Cairo and schools and institutes all around Egypt. Conservative Muslim parents often send their children to al-Azhar schools to teach them Islam-based ethics.

It was the first time in Qena for Azhari students to visit a church.

Father Bishoy Narouz, deputy director of Qena Diocese welcomed the young women students, and guided them on a tour of the Bishopric. The students took keenly listened to the explanations and the history of the building, took photographs, and expressed their happiness at the visit.

Watani International

29 October 2018

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