Speaker of Parliament to Pope: Law for Building Churches not end of road

09-01-2018 07:51 PM

Michael Victor

Among those who visited Pope Tawadros to wish him and the Coptic congregation a happy Feast of the Nativity was Speaker of the House of Representatives Ali Abdel-Aal, accompanied by a delegation of MPs.

The Pope thanked Mr Abdel-Aal for his visit, also for the concern he displayed about the Pope’s health during the time Pope Tawadros was in Munich undergoing spinal surgery last November. He talked of the joy the Nativity brings in its renowned message: Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, goodwill towards men. This year especially, the Pope said, the Feast of the Nativity brings us the special joy of the opening of the new cathedral which we chose to name Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ.

Speaker Abdel-Aal thanked the Pope for his warm sentiments, and expressed appreciation of his patriotic stances which always put Egypt first. He said the Feast of the Nativity was not a feast for Christians alone, but was one that offered a message of love and peace to all Egyptians.

The House Speaker said that the State was doing its best to keep good on its word concerning its Coptic citizens, and that securing the rights of Copts serves to nip sectarian sedition in the bud. He looked at the Pope and said: “It took 160 years for Egypt to pass a law for building and renovating churches, but this law is not the end of the road;” meaning that more should come in the way of legislating Coptic rights.

Watani International

9 January 2018

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