Libyan jihadi terrorist: “I killed them because they were infidels”

24-11-2017 11:47 PM

Michael Girgis

The Libyan terrorist Abdel-Rehim Abdallah who was caught by the police during a raid against the terrorists who attacked a police squad last month in the Western Desert near Bahriya Oasis, was interviewed by prominent TV host Emad Eddin Adib on al-Hayat satellite channel. Abdullah said felt no guilt for having killed, since all those he killed were infidels. His views, he said, were backed by clear Islamic teachings and the opinion of well-established Muslim scholars. “I will be rewarded for killing them,” he said.
Abdallah followed Sheikh Emad Eddin Abdel-Hamid, known as Sheikh Hatem of the Jihadi (Mujahideen) Shura Council in Libya. He made a vowed of obedience to the Sheikh and joined his group. He explained that the group’s funding came from ‘donations’ and ‘war spoils’; but that, generally, members of the group never asked the Sheikh (the Emir) about the source of money.

UPDATE: Coptic Church condemns terrorist attack against police

Watani International
24 November 2017

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