Training young people in planning

10-07-2018 04:22 PM

Mariam Adly

The Ministry of Planning, Follow up and Administrative Reform is organising summer training for students enrolled with public and private universities, to acquaint them with the work process within State administrative apparatuses. Minister of Planning, Follow up and Administrative Reform, Hala al-Said, expressed her keenness to invest in people, especially youth, through involving and equipping them to lead and promoting their creativity skills.

Three rounds of the programme will be carried out over this summer. New participants will take part in each one-month round. The Ministry had officially notified all universities in Egypt of the programme, and the universities responded by nominating students for participation. Twenty-five students are already taking part in the first round, and they have been distributed over the various departments in the Ministry to familiarise them with the work there.

The opening session of the training programme introduced students to the organisational structure and the outlook and objectives of the Ministry. The strategy of sustainable development Egypt 2030 was explained, and attendants were given an idea of the projects on which the Ministry of Planning is working. The other two planned rounds will take place next August and September.

Hala al-Said stressed the importance of holding this training programme, pointing out that acquainting youth with the way the work is carried out within the Ministry would encourage them to use their creativity abilities to envision and propose amendments or developments to the administrative apparatus. She reminded that the government believes in the capacity of youth to implement change and is thus striving to increase their participation and involvement in various fields.

Watani International

10 July 2018

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