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Sohag: ready, set, go…

  On 10 April, the southern province of Sohag celebrates its National Day. Watani offers its readers a glimpse into this little-known but fascinating region and its rich history   It has suffered years of depression. A 1995 FAO survey revealed that more…


Weaving prosperity in the countryside

On Friday 24 April, the Association of Upper Egypt marks 75 years on its establishment  The baby’s cries echoed through the still, cold night. Inside their collapsing mud house, the fellah (Egyptian peasant) and his wife looked on helplessly as their pneumonia-stricken…


The works of Akhmim and Higaza

“The sun has risen; how pleasant its light; let’s go fill our pitchers with water; and milk the buffalo”, is a beloved folk song which more or less depicts a typical early morning in any given Egyptian village. The song…

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