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Interior Minister: “We never asked the Copts to leave”

 Problems on hold  Watani is closely following up on the predicament of al-Arish Copts who last month had to flee their hometown from the face of Islamist terrorism, and took refuge in various places over Egypt. The Suez Canal town of…


Tales from al-Arish

     They have harrowing tales to tell. The close to 200 Coptic families who fled from the face of Islamist jihadis in North Sinai hometown of al-Arish were received with open arms in other places in Egypt, mainly in the Suez…


  Arish Copts: Egyptian refugees in Egypt

    Problems on hold    “It is so sad that we should be the targets of Islamist terrorism because of our Christian identity while security forces surround our town of al-Arish and guard it from outside but not from inside.” The words were…