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Forced displacement of Copts: No end in sight?

     It is a very sad fact that, despite all the changes in recent years, the forced displacement of Copts in Egypt continues to be a form of collective punishment inflicted on Coptic communities for real or imagined crimes.Copts are an…


Do Christians in Egypt need a law to build churches?

        Given the discrimination, oppression and severe humiliation Christians in Egypt have to sustain if they so much as think of building or renovating a church, it is no surprise that the issue of building and restoring churches has long irked…


Why Minya?

        The recent wave of attacks against Copts in Egypt has revealed that the majority of these attacks occurred in the province of Minya in Upper Egypt. This fact has brought to the surface a question many Egyptians are asking: Why…


The Copts' pain…and bitterness

In Watani International, we have an extensive archive based on, among other things, topic. The ‘Sectarian’ topic, as all others, is arranged chronologically—a fact which gives a clear indication of how intense and how frequent violence against Copts takes place.…

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