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The Emergency Law: Reading between the lines

   Problems on hold    The Palm Sunday (9 April) twin suicide bombings at the church of Mar-Girgis (St George) in the mid-Delta town of Tanta, and at Alexandria’s St Mark’s cathedral sent shock waves through Egypt. The State moved to take serious…


Christ: “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”

 Two suicide explosions in churches in Egypt have claimed more than 45 lives.  The Coptic Orthodox Church has yet again sacrificed another batch of her children as martyrs of faith, marking a new chapter in the rich history of the Church of the Martyrs. This time…


  Arish Copts: Egyptian refugees in Egypt

    Problems on hold    “It is so sad that we should be the targets of Islamist terrorism because of our Christian identity while security forces surround our town of al-Arish and guard it from outside but not from inside.” The words were…


Coptic exodus from al-Arish

    The plight of the Copts in the North Sinai town of al-Arish is irking Egypt in its entirety. Arish Copts have been fleeing town since 22 February 2017 in the wake of threats and a wave of killings waged against…


Forced displacement of Copts: No end in sight?

     It is a very sad fact that, despite all the changes in recent years, the forced displacement of Copts in Egypt continues to be a form of collective punishment inflicted on Coptic communities for real or imagined crimes.Copts are an…


Sohag Copts: All we want is to pray

Efforts to persuade the Muslim villagers of al-Naghameesh in Dar-as-Salam, Sohag, some 450km south of Cairo, to allow the village Copts to practise their religious rites have so far failed. In line with the efforts of the local politicians to resolve…


Before the Law for Building Churches:The Copts’ constitutional right to pray

   Problems on hold   I have repeatedly broached the topic of the Law for Building and Restoring Churches in my editorials. The most recent was last week’s; it tackled the open question of whether the new law has made matters easier or…


“Build a church? Out of question!”

In the Minya village of Koum al-Loufi, Islamists flagrantly incite against the right of Copts to build a church                                                    For Copts, the Law for Building and Restoring Churches they had so long aspired for was passed last August. So now…


Outcome of a crisis era

   Problems on hold   Copts excluded from the public sports field  A few weeks ago Watani opened the thorny file of “Copts and sports…or exclusion”, a file long placed on hold. The Watani reportage revealed how sports, in common with many other routine…


Not everyone is happy with the law for building churches

   The law for building and restoring churches which was passed by the House of Representatives on 30 August is still a matter of deep controversy on the Egyptian rights front. Wataninet posted a translation of the law on []. Even…

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