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Copts exit al-Arish

In the wake of the killing of six Copts throughout the last three weeks in the North Sinai town of al-Arish, and the repeated threats sent out to the Copts there by the jihadi groups in Sinai, a number of…


Daesh kills two more Copts in al-Arish

Yesterday 21 February saw the killing of two more Copts in the North Sinai town of al-Arish. Saad Hakim Hanna, 65, was shot in the head by masked men in Soliman al-Farsi Street in the district of Zuhour as he…


Options for Sinai Copts: Leave or die

The figures are staggering: In just two weeks, four Copts were killed on identity in separate incidents in the North Sinai town of al-Arish. The four were shot to death during the busy hours of the day, by masked men…

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