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Rare manuscripts of 1930s railway project to Hijaz

Sheikh Mohammed al-Esh, Director of al-Awqaf (Religious Endowments)Directorate in the west Delta governorate of Beheira, announced that raremanuscripts dating to the early 1930s have been found in the town of Kafr al-Dawwar. The manuscripts concerned plans for building a railway…


Police officer prosecuted for torture to death of detainee

A Cairo police officer, Karim Magdy who was accused of torturing a detainee to death at al-Ameeriya police station, has been caught and charged with torture.The prosecution ordered his arrest, together with nine policemen, once the after-death official report was…


Spartacus opens Cairo Opera Ballet’s new season

     The Cairo Opera House’s new ballet season of 2016 / 2017 opens with Aram Khachaturian’s Spartacus on the evenings of 28, 29 September and 3,4 and 5 October. Under artistic director Erminia Kamel, the Cairo Opera House’s ballet company will…


Egyptian Museum for children

The Child’s Museum at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Sqaure, Cairo, held a recent workshop for school children on the restoration of artefacts and antiquities. Some 30 pupils aged 11 - 12 from an international school in Cairo participated in…


Moving antiquities from old to new museum

Amid strict security, 117 pieces of antiquity were moved from the Egyptian Museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo to the new Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, which is still under construction. Tareq Tawfiq, Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM),…


Pyramids in mourning for victims of flight MS804

In mourning for the victims of EgyptAir’s flight MS804, the Giza pyramidshave been illuminated in black and blue, with EgyptAir’s logo and flightnumber in white.The flight left Paris’s Charles De Galle airport on Thursday evening heading toCairo, but crashed over…


Church condolence for policemen killed by Daesh

The Coptic Orthodox Church has issued a statement of condolence for the eight policemen who were killed by Islamist jihadists on 8 May in the Cairo suburb of Helwan.The policemen were in plainclothes, travelling in a minivan. The jihadists were…


In pictures: Metropolitan Antonius in Jerusalem

Anba Antonius, the new Coptic Orthodox Metropolitan of Jerusalem, is now settled in his seat in Jerusalem. He arrived there together with his accompanying delegation of seven Coptic Orthodox Metropolitans who seated him on Saturday 5 March as scheduled.…


The Metropolitan Opera's Magic Flute in Cairo

The Cairo Opera House (COH) is broadcasting live from the Metropolitan Opera in New York the Magic Flute Opera next Saturday 12 December.The COH has joined the Metropolitan Opera’s international transmission network. With a giant screen and high-quality stereo sound…


Pope presides over Anba Abraham’s funeral in Jerusalem

 A trip by Pope Tawadros II to Jerusalem to preside over the funeral of a leading Coptic cleric gave Copts more than they counted for.The Pope went to Jerusalem on Thursday 26 November to preside over the funeral of Anba…

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