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Interior Minister: “We never asked the Copts to leave”

 Problems on hold  Watani is closely following up on the predicament of al-Arish Copts who last month had to flee their hometown from the face of Islamist terrorism, and took refuge in various places over Egypt. The Suez Canal town of…


Tales from al-Arish

     They have harrowing tales to tell. The close to 200 Coptic families who fled from the face of Islamist jihadis in North Sinai hometown of al-Arish were received with open arms in other places in Egypt, mainly in the Suez…


  Arish Copts: Egyptian refugees in Egypt

    Problems on hold    “It is so sad that we should be the targets of Islamist terrorism because of our Christian identity while security forces surround our town of al-Arish and guard it from outside but not from inside.” The words were…


“Build a church? Out of question!”

In the Minya village of Koum al-Loufi, Islamists flagrantly incite against the right of Copts to build a church                                                    For Copts, the Law for Building and Restoring Churches they had so long aspired for was passed last August. So now…


Why Minya?

        The recent wave of attacks against Copts in Egypt has revealed that the majority of these attacks occurred in the province of Minya in Upper Egypt. This fact has brought to the surface a question many Egyptians are asking: Why…


“Minya Independent Islamic Republic”

Problems on hold                     I have never been hasty in writing down my opinion; quite the contrary, I have always been used to take my time to study situations and meticulously contemplate them before forming an opinion or venturing on an assessment…


Egypt’s brand new parliament signals

       Islamist loss … Coptic gain     Finally, the new parliament. Egypt can now confidently claim her feet are firm on the path of democracy and a civil, secular State. With the new House of Representatives elected earlier this month, Egyptians have achieved…


The bitter cup of terrorism

        The Friday 13 November terrorist attack in Paris, which left some 130 civilians dead and 352 injured, left the world reeling of shock and dismay. The highly coordinated terrorist attacks on the streets of the city were carried by three…


Apathy or business as usual?

 Even with the more or less disappointingly low turnout in the first round of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, first indicators reveal that those who made it to Egypt’s upcoming parliament are overwhelmingly secular, not Islamist. This parliament is the first after…


Serving which master

 Twenty-four Copts contest the upcoming parliamentary elections on the lists of the Salafi al-Nour Party It looks like a replay of history. Not too long ago, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group was a force to be reckoned with in Egypt,…

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