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Forced displacement of Copts: No end in sight?

     It is a very sad fact that, despite all the changes in recent years, the forced displacement of Copts in Egypt continues to be a form of collective punishment inflicted on Coptic communities for real or imagined crimes.Copts are an…


Coptic woman attacked by Islamist mob not speaking to media

     The family of the 70-year-old Coptic woman Suad Thabet, who had been stripped naked and beaten by a Salafi mob in May 2016, announced that it will no longer talk to or appear in the media, and that its defence…


Problems on hold So much for valour, reason and law

 - The scandal of al-Karm village in Minya  The recent scandalous attack against the Copts in the village of al-Karm (sometimes pronounced al-Karam) in Abu-Qurqas, Minya, some 250km south of Cairo, represents a full-fledged ignominy. It involves politicians, administrators, and security…

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