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Sohag: ready, set, go…

  On 10 April, the southern province of Sohag celebrates its National Day. Watani offers its readers a glimpse into this little-known but fascinating region and its rich history   It has suffered years of depression. A 1995 FAO survey revealed that more…


Upper Egypt gets its first ballet school

     That a ballet school would sprout in conservative Upper Egypt was rather far fetched; that it should exist in Minya which lies 250km south of Cairo and is renowned as a hotbed of Islamic fanaticism, is stunning. Yet the young…


Church in Minya set ablaze, but life goes on

The grounds of the church of the Holy Virgin which was burned to the ground byextremist Muslims last Thursday 11 May, today was the scene of the celebration ofHoly Mass by Anba Makarius, Bishop of Minya and Abu-Qurqas. Despite thescorching…

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