In Egypt’s governorates

26-01-2012 12:40 AM

Parallel to the Tahrir demonstrations, other governorates celebrated the revolution’s anniversary their own way.

Parallel to the Tahrir demonstrations, other governorates celebrated the revolution’s anniversary their own way.
In Alexandria, the revolutionary movements who had spent the day in heavy demonstrations in different parts of the city, decided to enter in an open sit-in in the Victor Ammanoe’l Square, which is situated near the Alexandria Security Headquarters. The demonstrators who promised a peaceful sit-in, are pouring in multitudes on the square. The Bibliotheca Alexandrina had announced that it was closing its doors today, in commemoration of the 25 January revolution. 
In Suez, demonstrators along with the revolution’s victims families roamed the streets calling anti-SCAF slogans, demanding the departure of the Military Council and a swift handover of power to civilians. The demonstrators kept crying for justice to be served, and for the demonstrators murderers to be fairly tried. The demonstrators who all eventually gathered in al-Arbein Square, confirmed the peacefulness of their demonstration. Security, Armed Forces troops and public committees secured all of Suez’s public and private facilities, as well as banks, ports and police stations.
Even though in Assiut, everything was set for the peaceful demonstrations to set off in the streets today at noon from three main meeting points, it was later decided by all parties and political streams to postpone the scheduled time of the demonstration till 4.00pm, in order to ensure wider youth participation. But until 6.00pm, no demonstrators were seen in the Assiut streets.
Political movements in Minya organised a massive march today in one of Minya’s main streets, where multitudes of protestors joined in, calling for the trial of the victims’ murderers. The coalition of the unemployed also joined the ranks of the protestors holding banners that demanded solutions for their unemployment problem.
Out of respect to the souls of the victims of Tahrir, Maspero and Mohamed Mahmous street, the Minya governor, General Serag Eddin al-Rouby, had earlier announced that the celebration of the 25 January would strictly include the commemoration of the victims, in addition to the revolutionary youth poetry recital. Other planned episodes which included singing and a theatrical performance, were cancelled. 
In an attempt to restore the trust of the Minya local residents viv-à-vis the security apparatus, the later distributed blue small-sized flags on drivers of private cars and taxis, where the Police emblem was printed and the phrase “Salute to the 25 January victims” was printed.
Most demonstrators in Qena set off today from the Saaa Square calling anti-SCAF slogans. All national and political movements there shared in the demonstrations united under one name ‘the revolutionary youth’.
In Beni Sweif, more than 2000 local residents went out today following the midday prayers also protesting against the military rule. They called for presidential elections to be conducted before the formulation of a new constitution. According to the activist Mina Fathy, who participated in today’s march, some children kept throwing stones on the demonstrators during their march, and at a later stage, not far from the Beni Sweif security headquarters some frictions started to occur between the demonstrators and some intruders. Security men were able to contain the situation and the demonstration went on until it was resoluted at 7.00pm. Until late in the afternoon protestors, who were increasing in number roamed the streets and called for an extended sit-in.
Reported by Samira Mazahi, Basma William, Teresa Hanna, Raafat Edward, Girgis Wahib, Mina Mehany
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