Tahrir on 25 January 2012

25-01-2012 10:36 PM

Milad Hanna Zaky

Egyptians marked one year on the 25 January Revolution with a ‘million-person’ demonstration in Tahrir Square.

Egyptians marked one year on the 25 January Revolution with a ‘million-person’ demonstration in Tahrir Square. 
Several demonstrations which, even if smaller than the million figure included tens of thousands of demonstrators each, began in all four corners of Cairo and converged on Tahrir. They came from a number of Cairo’s main squares and several university campuses; among them Shubra, Giza, Maadi, Imbaba, Abassiya, and Ain-Shams and al-Azhar universities. The Coptic youth movement, the Maspero Youth Union (MYU), was the main organiser of the Shubra demonstration in alliance with other liberal youth movements.
The demonstrators demanded that the military should step aside and hand over the rule of Egypt to civilians. The square resounded with slogans that vowed that the martyrs’ blood has not been spilt in vain; the revolution would go on till the culprits who killed the martyrs are brought to justice, and till the goals of the Revolution are achieved. As to what exactly these ‘goals’ are was a matter of contention; the liberals still called for a civil State where equality, social justice, and freedom reign, while the Islamists already feel they are closing in on their goals.    
Egyptian flags filled the air, but not a few Islamists raised flags of Saudi Arabia. Many of the young people wore masks painted with the faces of some of the well-known martyrs. The MY erected a wooden obelisk on which the names of the martyrs were inscribed. Others carried symbolic coffins to commemorate the martyrs, while others still hanged effigies of Mubarak, his Interior Minister Habib al-Adli, and the head of the Military Council Field Marshall Tantawi.
Eight separate platforms were erected in the square, upon which speakers could voice their opinions, and through the microphones of which patriotic and revolutionary songs and music were blared. The Muslim Brotherhood’s platform was the only one on which celebrations were in full swing; the others were used to voice the demands of the revolutionaries.
By nightfall the MB started packing to leave, but the other demonstrators stayed on, vowing to remain there till Friday.
For pictures of Tahrir Square and video footage, visit http://www.wataninet.com/watani_Article_Details.aspx?A=24628
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