The right to safety

15-12-2011 09:07 AM

Nader Shukry

WATANI International
17 April 2011



Forty-three rights organisations, political parties and opposition movements have handed a memorandum to the ruling Military Council, in which they focused on the deteriorating security situation in Egypt in the wake of the 25 January revolution.
The memo stressed that the current security deficiency is negatively affecting the quality of life of Egyptians, especially where their safety is concerned, to the point of terrorising them. Queries were posed to the Military Council regarding the recent escalation in religious-based violence against Copts, Baha’is and Sufis, in all cases of which no culprit was caught or brought to justice. At the same time, harsh sentences have been issued against individuals accused of violating the curfew or bullying. 
The 43 signatories to the memo called upon the Military Council to take immediate measures to take the culprits to account, especially that most of them are already known to the authorities. This can be the only proof of the supremacy of the law. Even if the victims give up on their rights, the memo stressed, the community’s right to the fulfilment of justice cannot be relinquished. If some of the victims are coerced into ‘reconciliation’ with their offenders, the memo argued, turning a blind eye to the injustice can only serve to augment the violence and sectarian strife.
In parallel, oppressed Copts and rights activists recently staged several stands to bring their cases to the Military Council, as the last resort for rescue.  The Coptic villagers of Badraman and Nazlet al-Badraman in Minya, Upper Egypt filed complaints against the local terrorist bullies who find them easy targets for their organised crime. These criminals turned the lives of the Copts into agony by kidnapping their children, raping their women, seizing their lands, torching their shops, and breaking into their homes if they refuse to pay tribute money.

The Military Council expressed understanding and promised to do its utmost to remedy the situation.




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