Church destroyed by MB rebuilt by Egyptian army

15-11-2015 05:16 PM

Nour Seifein

Yesterday, Saturday 14 November, saw the official opening of the newly rebuilt church of Amir Tadros (St Theodore) in Minya. The church was rebuilt by the Egyptian Armed Forces after its complete destruction at the hands of the Muslim Brothers on 14 August 2013. Back then, the MB attacked, plundered, and torched some 100 Christian establishments, churches, and houses in Egypt in retaliation for the downfall of the MB Islamist regime that had come to rule Egypt in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring. []

Participating in the opening ceremony were Minya Bishop Anba Arsanius and Bishop-General of Minya Anba Macarius as well as Minya officials and Armed Forces representatives. Anba Macarius said this was the official celebration of the handover of the church by the Armed Forces to the Coptic Orthodox Church, but that the Coptic congregation will celebrate by Holy Mass on Sunday 15 November. Later—no date was yet defined—Pope Tawadros II will visit the church to consecrate it.


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15 November 2015                        




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