Statement by the Coptic Orthodox Church

17-08-2013 04:06 PM

Michael Victor

The Coptic Orthodox Church issued a statement in which it said it was following up closely on the “lamentable incidents taking place on our land of Egypt”.

The Church said it strongly stood by the Egyptian police, armed forces, and all the institutions of the Egyptian people in the face of the armed violence and black terrorism from inside and outside Egypt. It denounced the “assaults against the State and the peaceful churches, and the terrorisation of Egyptians—Muslims and Copts—that goes against all religious, ethical and human values.”
The statement went on to say that, whereas the Church holds in deep appreciation the honourable, friendly States who understood “the nature of the events in Egypt”; it strongly denounced the falsities and errors propagated in the western media. “We invite the media to objectively read the realities on the ground, and to refrain from offering an international or political shield to the bloodthirsty, terrorist groups and all who belong to them. These groups are attempting to spread ruin in our land.
“We call upon the local and international media to offer the real image of what happens in Egypt faithfully and truthfully.
“We absolutely reject any attempts to drag Egypt into sectarian strife.
“We fully reject any foreign intervention in Egyptian affairs.
“If the hands of evil come to Egypt to kill, burn, and ruin; the hand of the Lord is there to guard, strengthen, and rebuild.
“We put our faith in Divine support, and are confident that it will help Egypt along this critical period, and take her to a better tomorrow and to the bright future of peace, justice, and democracy which this noble Nile people deserve.  
Watani International
16 August 2013
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