Victims of the Muslim Brothers

02-08-2013 05:01 PM

Adel Mounir

The Association of the Victims of the Muslim Brothers has called upon Egyptians to gather in Tahrir Sqaure this evening especially those who have documents to prove they have been victims of violence by the MB

. The leaders of the association said that the purpose was to register all the victims of the MB, those who were killed or injured especially during or after the 30 June 2013. 
The spokesperson of the association Khaled Batran called for justice, that the rights of the victims should be restored, and the culprits taken to account. He demanded that the MB leaders who now incite for murder and violence should also be brought to justice. Batran said that the association totally rejected foreign interference in Egypt’s affairs, interference which he described as aiming to destroy 30 June Revolution against the MB.
The data so far collected indicates that the victims of MB violence amount to some 1000 persons.
The members of the association said they will conduct a march to the Russian embassy in Cairo to express their gratitude for the Russian support of the Egyptian Revolution against the [Mursi] MB rule. 
Watani International
2 August 2013
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