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Antoun Sidhom (1915 - 1995)

Samia Sidhom

30 Apr 2014 5:11 pm

Friday 2 May marks the death anniversary of Antoun Sidhom who founded Watani in 1958. The members of the family and the paper mark the occasion with affection and respect,

remembering the legendary figure whose epic greatness lay in his boundless love, personal warmth and humility, encyclopedic knowledge, and his wit and humour. Those who had the privilege of working close to him in Watani never fail to recall his ‘tough love’ management style and his dedication to the Egyptian and Coptic cause.
He will be remembered with deep affection and respect; an unfailing inspiration to go ahead against all odds with what one believes in. His memory will always bring on a smile of affection and joy.
WATANI International
30 April 2013

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