Copts harassed for building church

22-12-2015 05:29 PM

Nader Shukry

The Copts of the village of al-Galaa in Samalout, Minya, Upper Egypt,

have been victims of a recent wave of renewed harassment by the Muslim

Tharwat Girgis, a Coptic farmer, was last week attacked as he returned

home from his land at sunset accompanied with his wife. Girgis was left

with a compound fracture in his left arm and was moved to hospital in

Minya. He filed a report with the police on the attack, accusing

Muhammad al-Yamani, Mahmoud Eid, Muhammad Abdel-Razeq, and

Haitham al-Yamani of assaulting and injuring him, as well as cursing him

and his Christian religion. None of those he accused were called in by the

Other Copts in al-Galaa’ have been constantly complaining of harassment

by hardline Muslims in the village, who have been damaging the Copts’

crops and terrorising their children as they went to school.

The Copts claim the rising harassment is on account of their having at

long last built a church in the village despite resistance from the village

Muslims. The church is legal, so there is not much the Muslims can do

The Coptic villagers are asking for security help. “Our demand is just to

enforce the rule of law, punish the harassers and protect us Copts,

especially given that we are on the threshold of New Year and Christmas

which we hope would pass in peace.”

Watani International

22 December 2015

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