MP Marianne Azer wins international recognition

18-06-2017 11:31 PM

Angele Reda

MP Marianne Azer wins international recognition

The head of National Council for Woman Maya Morsi and all its members congratulated the MP Marianne Azer for being selected among 100 top specialised academics around the world by Global Biotic organisation while attending the international conference Gap Summit in Washington.
Morsi expressed her happiness that MP Azer took the second place for the “idea of application” that would help the family members of elderly diabetics to follow up on their condition. Maya pointed out that Azer is a role model for Egyptian women and that Egypt is rich with many such superior women who have held high the name of Egypt in the international community.
Azer described the Gap Summit conference is among the best in the world as far as education, technology, creativity and entrepreneurship is concerned. She stressed that her representing Egypt there was an honour she greatly cherished.

Watani International
18 June 2017

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