Mother’s Day

21-03-2014 11:53 AM

Last Friday 21 March was Mother’s Day in Egypt.
As Egyptians joyfully marked the day with gifts, flowers, and chocolate, the southern town of Aswan celebrated mothers in a different way. Watani’s Mary Fikry reports that Aswan

governorate joined the National Council for the Population to honour 100 mothers who refused to have their daughters undergo female circumcision. The mothers’ decision is an exceptional achievement in face of the prevalent populist culture which sees the practice as a form of physical ‘purity’ and a precondition for marriage. Taking part in the Aswan mothers’ honouring were the 
UN Development Fund and UNICEF.
Watani applauds all families, mothers and children, who form the pillars of our community.
The painting by Wagdy Habashy expresses the depth and tenderness of mother’s love.
21 March 2014
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