The West Bank in an exhibition

19-02-2018 12:17 PM

Sylvia Hermina

Luxor’s famed West Bank, home to a vast number of fascinating tombs and temples that date back to Egypt’s New Kingdom (1549 – 1069 BC) has been the focus of the painting exhibition “The West Bank” at al-Shemou3 Gallery in Maadi, Cairo. The paintings are the works of artist Alaa Awad; the exhibition is organised by Lotus Abdel-Karim, General-Manager of al-Shemou3 Foundation for Culture and Arts. It opened 17 February and runs till 3 March.

The theme title of the exhibition reflects the artist’s source of inspiration: the ancient Egyptian civilization and the art that expresses it on Luxor’s West Bank. He tackles the aesthetics of folkloric heritage through depicting Egypt’s simple people, their life and activity. The influence of ancient Egyptian art is unmistakable in his paintings, the lines and formation he creates. He uses light and shade to manifest the elements in his paintings and bring out the minor details.

Born in 1981, Awad graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Luxor in 2004, specialising in mural portraiture. He got a Masters degree from Helwan University’s Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo; and has been Assistant Lecturer in his Alma Mater since 2012. He is currently is working on his PhD in Luxor.

Watani International

19 February 2018

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