One year on Copts beheaded by Libya Daesh

12-02-2016 03:00 PM

Nader Shukry




The date 14 February marks one year on the beheading of 20 Coptic men and one Ghanaian at the hands of Daesh in Libya who cold bloodedly posted a video of the slaughter.

At the time, President Sisi vowed revenge and, at dawn the day following the posting of the video, the Egyptian Air Force waged a series of airstrikes against Daesh sites in Derna, targeting camps and weapon stores. Last February President Sisi sent several planes to repatriate Egyptians from Libya via Tunisia. Some 6700 Egyptians were able to leave, but others could not make it to Tunisia.

The President had ordered the Egyptian army to build a church in the village of al-Our in Samalout, Minya—from which the majority of the martyred Copts came—to honour their names. The church, named ‘church of the martyrs of faith and the homeland’, has already been built and is now in the phase of finishing.

Anba Pavnotius, Bishop of Samalout, is currently conducting a week-long commemoration of the martyrs in that church. The event includes daily Mass and evening services. A number of bishops and priests from all over Egypt are participating in the commemoration which started two days ago.


Watani International

12 February 2016



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