Touring Egypt in one week on motorbike

30-07-2017 07:09 PM

Hayam Nicola

Touring Egypt in one week on motorbike


For the third time, the Egyptian traveller and adventurer Ali Abdu has decided to set a new record in motorbike travel. Mr Abdu plans to tour Egypt on his motorbike in journey 16,000km long to beat the last record of 14,434km set in 2013 in a journey long between Russia and Ukraine.

Mr Abdu decided to launch a new episode of his “Around Egypt on Motorcycle” initiative, whereby he travels across the country on a 1993 model motorbike to visit and photograph interesting sites and raise awareness about tourist destinations. In his first journey in 2016 he travelled 7,000 km in seven days. While he is well aware that his bike is relatively old, he insists on using it to lead his initiative. His second record was on 30 June 2017 in the track of Moto Club in al-Gouna on the Red Sea coast when he achieved 600km in tough roads over 24 hours to beat the record achieved in England with 566km.
It all started when Mr Abdu first launched “Around Egypt on Motorcycle”. At the time, the goal was to promote motorbike tourism in Egypt. He then developed his initiative as he found that the tourism sector as a whole needed rejuvenation, so he launched the second phase of his initiative.
Mr Abdu has traveled across Egypt using his motorcycle and has become known on social networking sites, posting pictures of his travels and sharing information about tourist attractions in Egypt. He has been in contact with Guinness World Records and hopes to have his week-long trip across Egypt recorded.
Not only does his initiative aim at achieving a record, but also to produce illustrated maps and design a touristic encyclopedia that would be translated into several languages, ​​in a bid to attract tourists to Egypt and guide them throughout their journey.

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