Egypt Day in Bexley, Australia

07-06-2016 06:56 PM

Mervat Ayoub



The Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of St Mary and St Mina in Bexley, Australia, hosted its annual “Egyptian Open day” on Saturday 4 June. The theme of the day was Ancient Egyptian heritage.


The hall where the celebration was held was turned into a ‘Pharaonic Museum’ which included an amazing light and sound journey through time, showcasing the proud Pharaonic history of the Egyptian people. There were also Egyptian replica artefacts as well as camel rides, traditional Egyptian food and a guided tour of the Cathedral. An exhibition displayed books, acquisitions and Pharaonic souvenirs.


Despite the rainy weather, guests were keen to attend. They guests expressed happiness and wonderment; the general sentiment expressed was: “We felt as if on a tourist trip to Egypt.” 

Journalist and writer Ashraf Helmy praised the great effort that went into the preparations, led and encouraged by Fr Abdel-Messih Guirgis and the church’s volunteer workers who offered a live example of the patriotism of the Coptic Church in the Diaspora. They hoped their efforts would help stimulate tourism in Egypt, they said. 


WATANI International

7 June 2016


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