Anba Tadros anoints Australia congregation with holy oil

18-10-2016 10:04 PM

Marina Barsoum

Anba Tadros, Bishop of Port Said, is currently on a visit to Australia. He visited the church of St Anthony and St Paul in Guildford where he presided over Sunday Holy Mass.
After Mass, the congregation crowded around Anba Tadros for him to anoint them with the holy oil of the Virgin Mary. This oil has been miraculously flowing since 1990 from an icon of the Holy Virgin in a church consecrated in her name in Port Said. The oil continues to flow till now, and is reputed to have a miraculous and healing effect.
Anba Tadros then joined the congregation in a celebration to mark the 14th anniversary of the ordination of their priest Fr Suriel.

Watani International
18 October 2016

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