Coptic bishop addresses Arab League

17-05-2016 09:26 PM

Nader Shukry Nevine Gadallah

The Arab League (AL) has launched an Arab youth campaign under the title

“Together Against Terrorism”, the motto being ‘No to violence, no to

extremism, no to terrorism’.

Sunday 15 May saw Arab youth and sports ministers join AL Secretary-General

Nabil al-Araby in launching the campaign in a conference at the Cairo AL

headquarters. The campaign aims at employing youth competences to combat

violence, extremism and terrorism, and to achieve development in Arab

societies. Mr Araby said young people are peace loving and represent the future

of nations. They are thus, he stressed, the most competent to achieve the goals

targeted by the conference, and to promote awareness of the importance of

standing up to violence, extremism, and terrorism.

The AL invited Anba Theodosius, Coptic Orthodox Bishop-General of Giza, to

give a word in the conference.

Anba Theodosius started by offering thanks on behalf of Pope Tawadros II to

Mr Araby and all those present. He praised the campaign, saying that the motto

‘No to violence, no to extremism, no to terrorism’ should be adopted by all in

the future.

“This is a historic day where solidarity and fraternity of Arab nations are

underscored,” Anba Theodosius said. He stressed that all peace-seeking nations

should strive to sow a culture of tolerance, acceptance of the other and rejecting

violence. “One and all should aspire to advocate and achieve communal

coexistence through love, peace, discipline and solidarity, in order to create a

future where pluralism, diversity and tolerance reign through the Arab World.”

He underlined the role of religious institutions in rooting the values of

acceptance of the other, and in guiding their clerics to carry a message of peace.

Anba Theodosius said that legislation enhancing equality, citizenship rights,

justice, and empowerment of young people should be enacted in order to set the

groundwork for a healthy climate that rejects violence, extremism and terrorism.

WATANI International

17 May 2016

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