Coptic Orthodox Mass at the Viterbo Cathedral

02-10-2018 11:26 PM

Wednesday 20 September witnessed a Coptic Orthodox Mass held the cathedral of Viterbo. Anba Barnaba, Coptic Bishop of Torino, presided over Mass, and was joined in the service by the monk Fr Yuhanna al-Suriany; the monk Fr Theophilus al-Suriany; Fr Anotnio Jemmy; and Fr Hanna Abdel-Messih. Over 70 Copts from Rome attended the event.

Anna Barnaba and the accompanying fathers, were received by the Catholic Bishop of Diocese of Viterbo, Lino Fumagalli, and a number of the congregation of Viterbo Cathedral.

The Liturgy was followed by a lecture on the Coptic art and history addressed by the Coptologist Dr Massimiliana Pozzi.

“It is a highly significant day when the two sister churches in Christ (the Catholic and Coptic Orthodox) once again meet together for a moment of dialogue,” Bishop Lino Fumagalli noted during his welcome greeting.

The exchange was part of a series of events between the sister churches. Earlier in June the medieval Palazzo Dei Papi (Palace of the Popes) in Viterbo, Italy, which served as the papal seat for 24 years in the 13th century hosted two Egyptian exhibitions: one showcased Coptic icons and the other displayed stunning replicas of ancient Egyptian antiquities, including the famous Tutankhamun collection.

Celebrating Egypt in Cairo and Viterbo

Watani International

2 October 2018

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