Young Coptic woman missing in Assiut

14-01-2019 07:48 PM

Nader Shukry

Young Coptic woman missing in Assiut

The Coptic villagers of Meir in Qoussiya, Assiut, some 350km south of Cairo have held a candlelight vigil to pray for the young Coptic woman Stephanie Mohsen Zahy, 21, who has been missing since 9 January.

According members of the Zahy family, Stephanie suffers psychological disturbances, as proved by medical reports.

The family claims that a young Muslim man by the name Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah Muhammad Saleh has taken advantage of Stephanie’s condition and abducted her. When confronted, Saleh’s family did not deny the claim; they said that it is quite possible since he is a trouble maker and has already placed them in many difficult situations on account of his behavior. They disclosed to the police the hideouts they know he frequents.

Stephanie’s family has filed an official report with the police demanding that their daughter be brought back, and that Saleh be held responsible for any harm or assault against her, especially given her psychological condition.

Watani International

14 January 2019

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