Missing Esna Coptic girl back home

11-02-2019 09:36 PM

Nader Shukry

The 18-year old Marina Girgis Eweida who was reported missing on 7 February was returned to her family today, Esna police reported.

Marina is a young Coptic woman from the village of al-Nawaser in Esna, south of Luxor. According to the account of one her relatives on the day she disappeared, Marina had ridden a tuk-tuk to visit relations, but never made her visit, nor did she return home. The family had accused a Muslim young man from the village of having abducted her, yet the man fled the village before the police could reach him.

For two days in a row the Coptic villages of Nawaser gathered in front of Esna police station protesting the disappearance of Marina, and demanding that the police should find her and bring her home.

The police returned Marina to her family today, 11 February, but offered no details as to her previous whereabouts.

Watani International

11 February 2019

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