Two underage women disappear in Minya

15-02-2013 04:29 PM

Nader Shukry

Two Coptic families from Deir Muwwas in Minya, Upper Egypt, have filed complaints with Deir Muwwas police reporting the disappearance of their underage daughters Irene Samir Naguib, 16, and Hanaa’ Nimr Gad, 17, and accusing the two Muslim men Hussam Shaaban Allam and Yehia Abdel-Sabour Abdel-Halim of kidnapping the young women.
Hanaa’ Nimr’s fiancé Mohsen Saad Gad told Watani that the two young women, who both attend the Deir Muwwas Secondary Trade School, had gone to school last Tuesday but never returned home. When the families began asking the women’s friends and colleagues about the matter, they were told that the two Muslim men had been stalking the Naguib and Nimr for several days.
The fathers of the young women reported the incident to the police. They fear, however, that the case will be ignored, as in several other similar disappearance cases. “We will hold a protest in front of the governorate building if the police does not reveal the reasons behind the disappearance of our daughters”, warned the two families. They said that there were no domestic disputes with the young women; only one day before the incident Hanaa’ and her fiancé spent the day together on a trip to the convent of the Holy Virgin in Assiut. And in all cases, the two women are underage and should, by law, be returned to their families.  

Watani International
15 February 2013

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