Minya’s young display their art on governorate fence

01-10-2017 04:42 PM

Nour Seifein



Last week, an exhibition of paintings by students of different ages from Minya was held by Minya governorate, under the title: “Nazra Min al-Saeed (A Glimpse from Upper Egypt)”. The paintings were hung on the fence of the Governorate building for all passers-by and visitors to enjoy.

Minya Governor Essam al-Badeiwi joined the young painters in a tour of their works. He praised their art, saying that it highlighted the fact that they possessed considerable talent in art and photography, and that the gifts and skills of young people deserve to be brought into focus of the public eye.

Twenty young artists participated in the two-day exhibition with 60 paintings.

Watani International

1 October 2017








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