Paintings from the Sinai

19-07-2017 05:59 PM

Ekhlass Atallah -Silvia Hermina

“Artists of Sinai in Face of Terrorism” is the theme title of a painting exhibition at the Adam Henein Hall in al-Hanager Centre in Zamalek, Cairo. The exhibition was opened by Culture Minister Helmy al- Namnam last Monday, 17 July, and runs till 23 July. It is organised by the Ministry’s Cultural Development Fund Sector, and includes 70 paintings by artists from the Sinai Peninsula.
Participant artists include Mustafa Bakir, Mahmoud al-Bielawy, Ahmed Rady, Hassan Ibrahim, and artworks by artist Hamdy Bakir one of the heroes of the October 1973 War.
The paintings on display were inspired by the natural scenery in Sinai; the scenic palm beaches, the turquoise seawater, and the golden yellow sands. Some depicted Sinai women in their traditional embroidered dress and, on a note hopeful of the future, the opening of New Suez Canal in August 2015.
Mr Namnam said that the exhibition embraces the works of the people of North and South Sinai. He remarked that all the paintings were drawn during 2017 when the people of Sinai were living through the hardest blows of terrorism, which at the end of the day pays tribute to their strong will of life.

Watani International
19 July 2017

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