Christmas: the fullness of love and peace

05-01-2013 01:46 PM

Youssef Sidhom

Tomorrow will see the Coptic Orthodox of Egypt celebrate Christmas, together with a number of other Orthodox and Eastern Churches. Christmas is the day that vividly

brings to mind the fullness of the values of love and peace. Egypt’s Copts will be joined by Muslims in praying for love and peace to reign in their land, to guide and direct them in the way of wisdom that would lead to progress and prosperity and rescue the country from conflict and extremism.
This Christmas will be the first to be celebrated under the papacy of Pope Tawadros II who was enthroned last November to succeed the beloved Pope Shenouda III. The seating of Pope Tawadros was the final step in a long process of divine selection that was devotedly pursued by the Church and blessed by the Lord of Heaven. Egypt in its entirety closely watched the process and honoured it.
On this blessed occasion, I offer my good wishes to Pope Tawadros II and all the bishops, clergy, and congregation of the Coptic Church; also to the heads, clergy, and congregation of all Churches in Egypt. I pray that the heavenly Father would bless our country, and guide it through the conflicts and tempests to a safe shore.
Watani International
6 January 2013
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