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Forced displacement of Copts: No end in sight?

     It is a very sad fact that, despite all the changes in recent years, the forced displacement of Copts in Egypt continues to be a form of collective punishment inflicted on Coptic communities for real or imagined crimes.Copts are an…


US Congress bill on Coptic churches: Irrelevant and irrational

        As 2016 drew to a close, Egyptians and Copts found themselves embroiled in an issue which the majority saw as both irrelevant and irrational. Irrelevant because it tackled a predicament that was already resolved and was therefore a non-issue, and…


Watani honours its pledge

 Problems on hold      On 22 September 2013 Watani launched a donation fund for the benefit of the Copts who had suffered losses on account of the nationwide attacks waged against them at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) on 14…


Rebuilding what MB terrorism destroyed

One year on the MB nationwide attack against the Copts in tandem with the police breakup of the Rabaa and Nahda MB sit-ins in Cairo, Watani investigates the work conducted, and scheduled, to repair the damageThe date 14 August 2013…

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