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Tales from al-Arish

     They have harrowing tales to tell. The close to 200 Coptic families who fled from the face of Islamist jihadis in North Sinai hometown of al-Arish were received with open arms in other places in Egypt, mainly in the Suez…


After Sinai battle, Egypt in her element

The visit by President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi on Saturday 4 July to Egyptian troops in the Sinai Peninsula had a great impact on mainstream Egyptians. The visit followed an unprecedented attack on Wednesday 2 July by terrorist Jihadis in Sinai who…


Church condolence for lives lost in Sinai attack

 The Churches in Egypt have issued statements of condolence in the wake of the terrorist attack last Thursday waged by Islamist Jihadis in Sinai. The attack claimed more than 30 lives from among civilians, police, and the military.The Coptic Orthodox…


The Watani chronicles

One year on the disbanding of the MB sit-ins in Cairo, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a report which claimed that excessive, disproportionate force had been used by the security forces to break up the encampment, alleging likely crimes against…


Is it all out war?

Egypt is threatened by Islamists on all fronts, internally and externallyIt does not take much for even a casual observer to see that the Middle East is today embroiled in conflict and bloodshed. Worse, there appears to be no end…