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Giza Zoo: right on track

          With spring  in the air and summer at our doorstep, the outdoors have a charm all of their own. Among the most popular outing for Cairenes is the famous Giza Zoo which has been recently undergoing much-needed changes   The Zoological Garden…


Shamm al-Nessim: Day of crisp green air

    Among my most treasured memories as a child is the day of Shamm al-Nessim. That day we used to wake up very early while it was still dark, get dressed, and go down. By that time, the sun might, or…


Happy Easter

  Today Copts all over Egypt celebrate the Feast of the Resurrection of Christ from the dead. The joyful event comes after the melancholy of Holy Week during which prayers feature the fall of Adam and accordingly all humankind, and the…


Arab Spring?

 With Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria now all embroiled in rebellions, it is not an exaggeration to suggest that the authoritarian lid that has smothered freedom in the Arab world for centuries may be coming off all 350 million Arab…


In the Arab Spring, Christians Fear Religious Freeze

WATANI International27 March 2011The dusty Tunisia town of Sidi Bouzid lies far from the country’s traditional power center. But after corrupt local authorities took the cart of humble produce vendor Mohamed Bouazizi and slapped him with an unwarranted fine, this…


Spring is in the air

WATANI International 11 April 2010With Spring—the onset of which Egypt marks on 21 March—in the air, the annual Cairo Spring Flower Festival opened at one of Cairo’s fabulous botanical venues, the Orman Garden in Doqqi. The month-long festival is a…

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